What features did WhatsApp bring in 2020? Just take a look

What features did WhatsApp bring in 2020? Just take a look

WhatsApp has introduced many new features this year. They bring this feature to make this app impressive for the users. Which includes managing tools, payment features, advanced search, dark mode, which is very popular nowadays. These elements are made for Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp has launched a new feature called storage management tool. Through which photos, videos, files can be seen together. Can be deleted together. Files bigger than 5 MB can be viewed. Not just saving time, excessive pictures, videos can be deleted. From Settings, go to Storage and Management and go to Manage Storage.

Corona has expanded the use of video calls. Everyone is turning to video calls to see their loved ones while under cabin arrest. WhatsApp has improved the duration of video calls and voice calls in this environment. Not only this, with the help of this new component you can make 6 video calls at once.

WhatsApp has made the Dark Mode feature this year. This model relaxes the eyes. Besides, the battery of the phone also costs minor. How to turn on Dark Mode? Click on the chat option from the settings in WhatsApp. Now the display area.