Another Covid-19 vaccine on the way to the trial, the Bengali in the team

Another Covid-19 vaccine on the way to the trial, the Bengali in the team

India is a country of 130 crore population and 80% of the population can be vaccinated, but 90 crore vaccines are required. 160 crore dose if injected twice! One or two vaccines can’t meet this need. So numerous Vaccines are needed. This time another indigenous vaccine is almost prepared to join the battle. The preclinical trial in rats has already been completed at the laboratory of the National Institute of Immunology (NII) in the New Delhi. Antibodies are being made on-demand, even after five months, scientists profess. There is also a Bengali guy in that team. Now examinations are underway to start the human trial.

This vaccine is being formulated on a protein procedure. That is, a quantity of the spike protein in the Covid-19 targets the receptor-binding domain. The coronavirus that joins the human body using that portion. Amulya says, “There are many benefits to working with protein. The vaccine is safe. It will be much cheaper. The hepatitis B vaccine is made on this platform. Prices start from just 45 rupees! The vaccine can be kept in the common refrigerator, there is no issue in maintenance.”

However, Amulya Panda said that – ‘We have got very good results in the preclinical trial. Talks with an organization have progressed a lot. Hopefully, the human trial will start in a few months. The indigenous vaccine – Covaxin received a human trial approval in this July and the third phase prosecution is still ongoing. In other words, it should take another 6-7 months to get the full clearance of the vaccine. It’s slightly late, but pointing out the numerous benefits of the vaccine, the official says, “Our vaccine will be a great tool in tackling the global epidemic.”

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